Ithmar Capital is a strategic investment fund and a financial vehicle that aims to support the national sectorial strategies.

In order to enhance investments, Morocco has put in place sectorial strategies to ensure strong and sustainable economic growth. Ithmar Capital is therefore positioned as a multi-sectorial strategic fund that aims to promote investment in all the productive sectors of the economy and to encourage partnerships between private companies and Government institutions.

Ithmar Capital is based on a Sovereign Wealth Fund model to take advantage of the best management practices, ensure operational excellence and provide the necessary comfort to international partners wishing to invest in Morocco. It is positioned as a channel that will help ease the public funds by raising international financing and acting as a catalyst for investment. Ithmar Capital’s objective is to facilitate access to funding opportunities offered by international investors to boost the national development and create a dynamic economy in Morocco.

Ithmar Capital has been created in a globalized context where investors are looking for emerging markets and niche investment opportunities with high growth potential and profitability.

Ithmar Capital is part of a comprehensive and rigorous analytical approach. Its establishment is an initiative that responds to a need for an innovative approach able to attract, guide and support potential investors. It is a tool that will channel investment capital to projects with the objective to capitalize on the profits, streamline the procedures, create a business climate convenient for investors and implement a proactive engagement of the State in terms of partnership and expertise.